The Railroad Museum of Oklahoma always looks forward to welcoming new members.  We have very few membership requirements.   They  include a love for railroading, a willingness to share that passion with the public and a desire to make the museum all that it can be as it features the history and future of rail transportation.  Additionally, we ask each member to attend three monthly membership meetings, three museum workdays (held each Saturday of the year), or a combination of the two activities.  The intent behind requiring this kind of involvement with the museum is to help our organization accomplish its goals by means of all of our members working together.  For our out-of-town members or for those with special time limitations, we are willing to consider alternative ways of satisfying this membership requirement.  Our annual dues are a quite reasonable $25.00.   

The museum also depends on the generosity of the public when it comes to additions to our collection of railroad artifacts and memorabilia.  If you have anything related to railroads, past or present that you would like to donate to the museum, please contact us by telephone or mail so we can discuss arrangements.  A donation receipt for your tax records will be provided upon request.